Zero Risk Factors

On AUG 10, 2020, SINGHs developers deployed a self-executing smart contract on the TRON Blockchain that exists in perpetuity and cannot be modified by any entity.


Indefinite access to the SINGHS project is an intrinsic feature programmed into the smart contract to enable continued participation in the matrix project.

Instant Peer-to-Peer Payments

The SINGHS smart contract is nothing more than a payment gateway that facilitates peer-to-peer commission payments between its program participants.

Nonhierarchically Organized

A crowdfunded decentralized matrix project specifically designed to stimulate a global relocation to the crypto ecosystem by offering newcomers a seamless introductory experience.

Transparency and Anonymity

Verifiable proof of the project’s performance statistics as well as its partners transaction history are publicly available on the TRON blockchain.

Transactional Surety

Network nodes irrevocably record and ubiquitously store the transactional history of all network partners on the TRON Blockchain.

Main Features

Blockchain Technology

The blockchain is an immutable record of transactions and information, which is cryptographically protected from any subsequent manipulation using thousands of independent computers worldwide


Decentralized marketing is created with an automated contract that offers you maximum security and sustainability. A smart contract is an automatic execution algorithm. It exists within the Tron blockchain, one of the top most cryptographic currency among those with which smart contracts can be created.


Smart Contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties.


Singh’s Matrix Business is a closed system, without deadlines for slots, with a limited number of places and an unlimited number of reinvests. In the matrix, the referral link is fixed the person who invited you. You always follow your superior partner, to each of the slots he activated.

Earning in USD
$ 128,082


repeatRecycle is the reopening of Your slots
walletInstant payouts to your personal Tron wallet

repeat Platform fees are automatically paid to Your Personal or Your Superior Partner or Your Team's TRX Wallet
Simultaneous entry into platform one on the S3 and S9 matrices
automatically occurs during program registration
The FAQs

Frequently Asked Any Questions can be divided into 2 concepts: first: Is a smart contract or application running on a cryptocurrency network TRON. The application code is programmed to distribute incoming transfers among participants according to a specific algorithm. Second: This is the site itself, providing an interface for the convenience of working with a smart contract.
The idea SINGHs belongs to a group of crypto enthusiasts who are members of the same community and do not have any privileges. Now SINGHs - is a peer community platform, which it also belongs.
No. Platform SINGHs is samospalenie of the transaction, not allowing it to intervene in the transaction.
TRON (TRX) is one of the leading cryptocurrency established in 2017. The blockchain of the cryptocurrency allows you to create on the basis of smart contracts. A huge number of large crypto companies uses this currency.
In there is no administrator. There is a creator who uploaded the contract code to the cryptocurrency blockchain TRON. Since then, the smart contract has been part of the overall network, which is supported by miners. No one has the right to affect the operation of a smart contract, delete it or stop it. Any attempt to make unauthorised changes will be rejected due to inconsistency with previous copies in the blockchain
This process of dispersion of authority from Central administration to the participants of the process. Unlike a centralized system, all decisions are made by consensus of.
Ruled out. The contract was programmed so as not to accumulate funds, but to serve only as a transmitter. The balance of the contract is always zero, anyone can verify this. It simply lacks the function of taking funds to your balance. Any transaction will reach the desired goal safe and sound.
Since the smart contract is published in the software environment of TRON, then, accordingly, participation in the project is possible only with this digital currency.
In addition to personal invitations, partners can appear in your structure in two ways: these are "Overflows" and "Gifts". Therefore, it can be argued that the system has the possibility of passive earnings. But this does not guarantee you a quick decent income, which other successful participants who are active can boast of.
It is enough to have a computer or smartphone with TRON wallet.
Ruled out. The smart contract is absolutely transparent, all data is recorded in the blockchain chain. No scam or fraud. The project cannot fail. It will work as long as the blockchain exists, even if the site is closed
Overflow is a process that occurs when a participant registers in upline or downline, in which the first level is filled with participants. The next new member falls into the structure of this upline below or downline above, in the nearest free place.
Yes, such members are called "free participants." These are participants who came for any reason WITHOUT an affiliate link. Free participants are distributed evenly across the System (from left to right), starting from those uplines that were previously registered.